Bitte prüfen Sie, wie Sie Ihren Ring oder Finger messen können! Mit diesen Schritten können Sie Ihre Ringgröße leicht ermitteln!

Unser Ring Sizer

Schritt 1

A ring sizer to help you finding your ring size!

How to use:

- Wrap the ring sizer around your finger and pull it until it fits snugly;

- Check the number that the arrow points to.

And that's it! Now you can know all your finger sizes!


Schritt 2

- Take a Ring of your own which you know the right size
- Measure the internal diameter of the ring (mm)
- Please compare to the chart below to find your ring size - Inner diameter column.


Schritt 3

- Use a piece of string and wrapt it tighter around the base of your finger.
- Use a millimetre ruler to measure the string.
- Please choose the closest measurement to the chart below to find your ring size - Finger Circumference Column.