Hi there!

We are Paula and Joana, a mother and daughter duo that started NUUK in late 2014. We combine our different backgrounds (management and design) into a contemporary and minimalist jewellery label. Our main design philosophy is the use of linear and geometric shapes, as well as, delicate and natural materials that create timeless pieces and reflect a concrete state of a modern life and style. All pieces are exclusively designed and produced in Oporto, Portugal, always with a focus on quality and longevity.

Our Commitment

We work slowly yet responsibly, always with quality and care.

Why is our jewellery real?

L'Éventail Ring takes 110 minutes to make






- One product, endless versatility
- Meaningful pieces
- Extended size system
- Multiple colours

You get a REAL and one-of-a-kind piece.


- We refuse fast consumption
- We avoid overproduction
- Less waste
- We don't own any stock

NUUK has a REAL and transparent production.


- The real craftsmanship is slow
- The average time of production of each piece is 120 minutes
- We create timeless pieces
- Genuine materials

Our pieces have REAL quality at a fair price.


- Recycled materials
- Local suppliers
- Dead stock gemstones
- Less shipments

We contribute for a REAL planet.